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  The automatic burner control unit PFU con-trols, ignites and monitors gas burners for intermittent or continuous operation. It takes the form of a 19” sub-rack and there-fore requires very little space. It is used at a central point (Fig. 1). Two versions are available for different fields of application to EN 746-2: PFU 778 for directly ignited burners of unlimited capacity. The burners may be controlled either modulating or step-by-step. PFU 798 for pilot and main burners of un-limited capacity, modulating or step-by-step-controlled. The PFU 798 can moni-tor both burners independently. The units are used on burners with a me- chanical combustion air supply on which a separate logic controls the fan and on at-mospheric burners. High temperature

  Automatic Burner Control Units PFU   Automatic Burner Control Units PFU-Oil