PFA 700

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  • Mã sản phẩm :   20180619-465

Hotline: 0283 8155234 - 0913916150

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   Module for interworking of up to nine automatic burner control units PFS, PFD or PFU 778L with industrial communication networks. The extensive installations con- ventional in the field of industrial furnace and kiln construction necessitate spanning large distances for signal processing. PROFIBUS DP, as a standardised field bus system,  substantially  reduces  develop- ment, installation and commissioning effort and expenditure in such cases by compari- son with conventional wiring (Fig. 3). A high volume of information from and to the con- trol room, such as measurement, closed- loop control and open-loop control signals or alarms, can be transmitted in concentra- ted manner via the network (Fig. 4). Stan- dard diagnosis tools, such as bus tester for systematic testing of bus line and slaves when setting up the network, bus monitors for recording bus communication or visuali- sation systems for display of the process, permit easy servicing.

  Field bus interface PFA 700   Field bus interface PFA 700