BCU 400

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  • Mã sản phẩm :   20180619-464

Hotline: 0283 8155234 - 0913916150

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  The burner control unit BCU unites the functionally interrelated components of automatic burner control unit, ignition trans- former, Manual/Automatic mode and dis- play of operating and fault statuses in a compact metal housing. It controls, ignites and monitors gas burners for intermittent or continuous operation. It is used near to the burner to be monitored. Three versions are available for different fields of application to EN 746-2:

–BCU 440 for ionisation-controlled, directly ignited burners up to 350 kW with single- stage or modulating control, such as those used in the ceramics industry for instance.

–BCU 460 for directly ignited burners of unlim- ited capacity. The burners may be controlled either modulating or step-by-step.

  Burner control unit BCU 400   Burner control unit BCU 400-Oil   Burner control unit BCU 400-Ti